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Are the shades of design to be thus polluted?


A worthy quote

History has remembered the kings and warriors, because they destroyed; art has remembered the people, because they created.
― William Morris



A little about myself

My name is Baron Jack Theodesius Knickerbocker the Third and I detest computer-aided-design technology. This maniacal frenzy of using a computer to design is preposterous and sacrilegious. Creativity flows from inside man not from inside a desktop, how can man’s creative thinking and trained artistic skills be usurped by mechanics? Mechanics were not the way Monet gave bloom to his water lillies nor the reason Van Gough built his night skies. How can the essence of creativity live within a mechanical box? Are we to dispose of centuries worth of tradition to make room for the shiny new toy? Centuries of arts and craft pedagogy contributed to a realm of beauty and intelligence. William Morris was a man of ingenuity, the Arts and Craft movement sought after aesthetic beauty born from craftsmanship – the hand of man. This is an irreplaceable art form that should be revered and untouched by technology.

Many argue that this CAD technology will change the face of fields such as engineer and architecture. But is this for the better? The Ancient Greeks built a plethora of temples with an array of columns that did not need programs such as AutoCAD. Frank Lloyd Wright, inspired by Japanese art designed a multitude of brilliant residential houses that are still revered today without the use of Revit or Rhino.

I myself enjoy creating architecture based on the beauty of the physical world, using the age-old pen on paper. This is the most direct way of realizing man’s creative flow. I also revere the fine arts such as painting and calligraphy.



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